CENTRE Software

Common Enterprise Resource (CENTRE)

Today’s market requires that businesses provide better products and services, at a lower cost and more quickly than one’s competitors.  Coupled with the need to be competitive, customers generally require demonstration of best practice credentials.  Implementing ISO 9001, ISO 20000, ISO 27001, CMMI, EVM or ITIL drives improved performance, but also creates a challenge as conformance needs to be implemented and maintained better, faster, and cheaper – all at the same time. ITG’s CENTRE tool bridges the needs of the market, organization, and customer to enable conformance by focusing on organizational standardization and business process improvement.

ITG has helped organizations implementing process improvement initiatives and often, the tools that you need to implement are already available.  However, we have found that some companies want to align their process improvement initiative with software that provides automation and governance for compliance management.  CENTRE is an Enterprise Resource Management tool that empowers a company to manage, document and improve information and operational delivery. CENTRE is comprised of a series of configurable modules which normalize operational activities, increase efficiencies, reduce costs, manages risks, and improves employee utilization through automating labor intensive activities, tracking key objectives and providing users access to critical information.

CENTRE helps businesses manage Human Resources, Financial, Supply Chain, Project, and Inventory Management needs while collecting information, documents and records you need to operate your business. Additionally, integrating CENTRE into your activities helps achieve conformance through built-in requirements for ISO 9001, ISO 20000, ISO 27001, CMMI, EVM and ITIL, without creating additional work.

CENTRE can be customized to particular business needs or to ensure compliance to a variety of best practices standards and frameworks.  While software is not required to implement process improvement, it often offers methods to provide faster and more impactful results.