Consulting – Gap Analysis

The motivation behind implementing a quality management solution often varies from organization to organization.  Often your company may operate successfully for a number of years, remain profitable, and maintain strong prospects for increased revenue and growth, ensuring you are reasonably satisfied with how operations are moving forward. 

However, unexpectedly a customer may request that you provide evidence of your organization’s attention to quality by requiring that you furnish an ISO 9001 or ISO 20000 certificate or completion of a successful CMMI Appraisal.  An alternative incentive may be your interest in guidance to increase efficiencies, reduce time to market, manage staff more effectively, or prepare to rapidly scale your operations.  Either factor allows for the application of the disciplines of standards or frameworks which can help overcome current challenges and better position the organization for the future.

The business drivers for implementing information security and risk management solutions are influenced by numerous factors.  Customers may mandate that you demonstrate how your organization is protecting their investments, keeping their information secure, and that services continue to be available to them at all times.  Additionally, you may have concerns that a natural disaster could pose a threat to your business, destroying everything you have worked tirelessly to create.  Establishing a plan to prepare for possible problems – instead of just focusing on today’s concerns – is important to you and your customers and will help you develop a strategy for continuity of operations, risk mitigation, and enduring long term success.

ITG is available to work with you to build a solution that fits your specific requirements to:

  1. Understand your short-term and long-term goals and objectives;
  2. Assist your organizational structure to capitalize on current operations;
  3. Perform a Gap Analysis, evaluate your current operating environment and provide guidance on your implementation;
  4. Develop the necessary documentation to meet requirements;
  5. Enable the attainment of the Best Practices objectives, and
  6. Provide training to help manage the transfer of knowledge.

ITG’s strategy for implementation is tailored to meet the areas of most significance to your organization. We have the benefit of years of experience assisting in numerous implementations across industries and we understand how to translate experience into action. We work with each organization to define a level of effort detailing the resources, costs and type of support needed based on each engagement. Whether you want ITG to help you augment your team or assume the responsibility of your implementation, we will provide support based on your objectives.
Services offered by ITG include:

Gap AnalysisMetrics Development
Requirements TrainingInternal Audits / Configuration Audits
Project PlanningManagement Review Sessions
Documentation DevelopmentAudit Remediation
Process DevelopmentAppraisal Audit Preparation
Software SolutionsAudit Selection

ITG was founded on the belief that no matter how great or small the request, we will provide fast, reliable, cost-effective solutions that are based on your needs, not ours.  ITG’s primary focus is to empower you with the ability to own and operate your management system. We want our clients to learn how to manage without our support, as this is an indication that we have developed a solution that is right for their needs.   We encourage you to contact one of ITG’s experts to discover how we can convert your challenges into a solution that helps you achieve multiple objectives. It is our desire to offer a unique brand of consulting, one in which your organization “graduates” from our services – a shift we hope moves you from protégé to partner.

Please contact us today to discover how we can help you achieve success.