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Change Management

Change Management Software for Best Practices

Organizations find it increasingly challenging manage the relationship between people, processes and technology (all considered organizational assets).  A relationship exists between organizational assets and their role in helping realize an organization’s mission, goals, and objectives.  Historically, it was not uncommon for departments and staff to manage change within their environments; however, today organizations realize the significance of reducing the downtime of a particular asset by considering the impact of change.

While change management is required in ISO 20000, ISO 27001 and CMMI as it relates to configuration items, change management is an implied requirement in almost every best practice framework.  Beginning with how goods and services are tracked to incorporating continual improvement, change management is a fundamental principle of performance improvement.  Deciding how to manage change is important, as common databases and spreadsheets offer reporting capabilities and ease of use, but don’t include the workflow needed to eliminate manual steps which can waste time on the activities associated with processing changes rather than the importance of each change.

Implementing change management necessitates considering the following criteria:

  • What conditions require formal change requests?
  • Who is responsible for the approval of changes?
  • How will we capture requirements and track progress?
  • Who will ensure that we achieved the expected result from a proposed change?
  • How can we prioritize urgent change requests?
  • What assets or configuration items will be affected by the proposed changes?
  • What risks should be considered and do they involve customers or services?
  • How will we integrate and deploy our approved changes?

ITG’s CENTRE software can be integrated with our consulting solutions to improve your implementation timeline and provide your organization with an efficient solution to manage your change processes configured to meet your requirements.

CENTRE’s embedded workflow for change management helps:

  • Define change management board(s) for routing and approval of changes.
  • Incorporate notification triggers to assigned staff to review changes.
  • Define change types, priority, and categories.
  • Track relationships between service records and configuration items.
  • Manage corrective and preventive actions and opportunities for improvements.
  • Create custom alerts and escalations based on organizationally defined criteria.
  • Provides dashboards of change activities for users and managers.

Incorporating CENTRE’s change management module with our consulting implementation allows you to add speed and definition to your change management practices without having to decide on what method to use for change management.  Importance can shift to focus your efforts on items of significance, such as managing change results and shaping the correct user behavior, providing a faster implementation with more control, less paperwork, and lower costs for maintenance.

Please contact us today to learn how CENTRE can provide the ideal change management solution.