Project Management Software

Project Management Software for Best Practices

A project can generally be understood as work performed within a defined timeline and budget with specific deliverables. When an organization is performing activities for a project, either internal or external, success will depend heavily on how well the project was planned, resource availability and capacity considered, work and time estimated, and objectives understood and agreed to by all stakeholders. The practice of planning, establishing, acquiring, and managing resources to meet expectations is the foundation and key to successful project management.

One proven path to project success is ITG’s CENTRE Project Management system.  This web-based application tool can be used to manage projects based on performance improvement methodologies that are aligned to your organization’s objectives, ensuring that projects are successfully planned and controlled, and completed on time and within budget.

As an organization incorporates project management into activities, the following questions are typically considered:

  • What are the project objectives?
  • What are the risks that will prevent or delay project success?
  • How will we determine level of effort?
  • What resources do we need and what are key tasks required to complete project?
  • Who is considered to be a stakeholder and needs to be aware of project activities?
  • What is the scope of the project?
  • Are there any contractual or best practice requirements that should be followed?
  • Are we on time and within budget?

ITG’s CENTRE software takes into consideration all of these questions and can be integrated with our consulting solutions to help plan your project and manage and control activities throughout the project lifecycle.

ITG’s CENTRE’s module for project management includes functionality for:

  • Developing project plan including assigning people, locations, tasks, and establishing timeline.
  • Estimating tasks, creating timeline and sequence of activities, and allocating resources based on capacity.
  • Identify risks, types and severity of risk and establish strategy for mitigating risks.
  • Managing project to monitor actual performance against plan and creating metrics based on desired goals and objectives.
  • Provides dashboard as a communication portal for project staff.
  • Establishing reports to evaluate project and financial performance.

CENTRE will facilitate project performance by providing transparent communication: work requirements are readily accessible, tasks and records are available, and activities are monitored and controlled. While projects management is specifically required in CMMI for Development as an integral part of meeting customer requirements, project management is an indirect requirement in practically any best practice framework that includes project management within scope.

We at ITG recognize that organizations typically seek to assign people with the skills and experience required to accomplish particular project goals. In addition to assigning an effective project manager, many of our successful client organizations often employ best practice methods such as CMMI or ISO to help manage projects that include many of the principles of management. However, people and process are not the only factors that are important to project success – deciding on the right technology is essential to overall project performance.  When an organization provides its project staff and project managers with effective project management tools, it can reduce manual process and administrative burden, in addition to providing management with access to information and metrics that they require.

Please contact us today to learn more about CENTRE, and how it can provide your organization with intuitive project management solutions, for projects of all shapes and sizes.