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Today’s economy is a competitive landscape due to the continued growth of innovation, emerging economies offering low cost solutions, and the constant introduction of new technologies. Remaining competitive in this environment, differentiating yourself from the competition, protecting the brand you have worked diligently to create, and ensuring you maintain your finger on the pulse of the organization are critical issues for any executive.  While you may use sophisticated technology, employ highly skilled labor, and offer a unique product or service,  keeping up to date on the current state of the business at any given time can still be a challenge. The complex relationships among sales, operations and supporting departments can entail multiple conversations and cause redundancies, at times allowing for an inordinate amount of time spent solving low priority problems.

Applying a process framework through ISO and CMMI methodologies to your organizational activities will provide you with a common language within your company, define repeatable and measurable processes,  and  propel you towards continual improvement and organizational goal- setting through actualization.  Standardizing the approach you are taking, enables management to better understand how well particular functions of the business are performing at any given time.  By integrating the methodologies into your organizational culture, you will achieve a new level of focus on the items of most importance, thus allowing for the greatest benefit to the organization.

Depending upon the challenges your organization faces, applying a flexible process-based approach to your company will help you gain more control over the business operations, while also providing you with an organizational certification that increase your competitiveness.  Adopting ISO and CMMI practices will help outline expectations throughout all levels of your organization, thus enabling you to introduce increased efficiencies and communicate more succinctly to internal and external teams.

Many executives benefit from:

  1. Reduction in operating costs through improved resource allocation;
  2. Improvement in communication through defined roles and responsibilities;
  3. Increased ability to market to new customers requiring certifications;
  4. Decreased training time for staff through defined training programs; and
  5. Reduced risk of quality issues- or customer complaints.

Obtaining an ISO or CMMI certification is paramount to the long-term success of your organization. Contact our experts today to see if process methodology is the right investment for your company.

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