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Today’s fast-paced environment means that your customers expect optimal performance, while your boss also expects the use of minimal resources and expenditures. These conflicting goals, which make maintaining top-level performance challenging, require you to balance multiple activities and resources fluidly. The ability to plan for your resource needs, as well as select the best partners to help fulfill your objectives, is critical to your success. ISO Registration and CMMI Appraisal methodologies focus upon the relationships between processes and the tools you need to meet your objectives.

By documenting processes and ensuring that all team members are aware of their responsibilities, you are then able to focus more time on planning for upcoming events and less time reacting to challenges as they arise. Typically, when a process improvement exercise is implemented, you then have more time to focus on the organizational items that are critical to the success of the company.  By building upon existing practices with increased formality, your staff will have a better understanding of your expectations and requirements. Taking steps to formalize your processes allows you to hold staff to a higher level of accountability; more easily identify under-performing staff, and work with them to improve their outputs.

Increased accountability provides defined expectations, allowing you to definitively track process performance. During the development and introduction of formalized processes, you will set metrics and objectives for your work. By streamlining the terminology and expectations, you will gain a better grasp on defect rates and the amount of redundant work being performed. Focusing on business metrics that make sense will also enable you to make fact-based decisions, which will then improve performance over the long term. Concentrating on improving performance will also allow you to fulfill your obligations to customers with less stress and in a timely manner. In most cases, customer satisfaction rates indicate how much your team’s performance has improved. You also benefit from improved team morale, giving your operational delivery a boost in performance.

Typical benefits associated with achieving ISO Certification or CMMI Maturity Level include:

  1. Increased accountability among staff, which enables easier problem-solving;
  2. Scalability in your product and service offerings to handle demand spikes;
  3. Reduced defect rates;
  4. Improved planning, thus reducing high stress reactive management; and
  5. Reduced time-frame between a new hire’s start date and when he/she begins providing measurable benefits to the organization.

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