Increase Sales Opportunities with ISO and CMMI

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Benefit from ISO and CMMI Certifications with an increased customer base

Business development is an important part of every business that strives to be successful.  During this phase, your focus is on  developing prospects that are interested in your services as well as creating demand, which will  result in revenue for your organization.  Companies increasingly have come to expect that you will be able to demonstrate a commitment to quality and meeting their requirements, protecting their information and reducing the risk of security issues, efficient and effective project management and/or performance, in addition to the products and services you offer.  It is becoming a common expectation for, organizations to maintain certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 20000, and ISO 27001 or a CMMI rating to gain access to new customers.

Similar to employers that desire their employees’ qualifications to include college degrees or technical certifications, your customers will expect that your company demonstrate a focus on process improvement and customer satisfaction through  an organizational certification.  An organization may not achieve maximum revenue due to lost business opportunities because of a requirement or preference for a vendor that is ISO certified- or CMMI-appraised. Examples of industry mandates s for these credentials is found in multiple sectors: large aerospace original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) require AS 9100 certification; in the automotive environment, the three largest automotive companies require ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001 certification; medical device manufacturers require ISO 13485 certification; and US federal contracts often require CMMI appraisal and/or ISO certification for ISO 9001 or ISO 20000.

Most industries require certifications or requirements for providing goods or services.  An ISO certification will enable you to attract new customers as well as solidify relationships with your existing ones.

Customer and Staff Benefits from holding ISO and CMMI Certifications

In addition to providing access to additional business opportunities, the task of supporting your customers becomes less of a challenge by instilling the importance of customer satisfaction throughout the organization.  Implementing an ISO Certification or a CMMI appraisal  program helps to define customer requirements, obtain management’s commitment to process, develop an expectation of  accountability, allows for improved access to knowledge and information,  necessitates the measurement of customer satisfaction, and requires for an increased focus on continual improvement .  The emphasis on these activities is beneficial as it provides you with additional time and ammunition to focus on what is most important: attracting customers,  opportunities.

Business development staff benefit from:

  1. Increased bid opportunities;
  2. Greater customer recognition;
  3. Improved internal communications;
  4. Improvement in meeting customer commitments; and
  5. Higher customer satisfaction rates.

Process improvement implementations come with a certain amount of effort and modification; however, differentiating your organization from your competitors by increasing the likelihood of success will only improve your ability to deliver your internal commitments and attract new customers.

Federal Sales Opportunities Requiring ISO and CMMI Certifications

The graph detailed above, expressed in US dollars, depicts the number of Federal contracts requiring an organizational certification (based on bids released between June 2011 and December 2012 ).

Increase Competitive Advantage with ISO 9001 Certification

1.    Approximately only 3% of organizations are certified in Virginia, Maryland and DC.
2.    Of this 3%, only 10 – 11% of service organizations are certified in this area.
3.    The percentage of total certifications that are service organizations:
a.    VA: 77%
b.    MD: 77%
c.    DC: 88%

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