ISO and CMMI Reduce Operational Risk

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Ensure Quality and Regulatory Compliance with ISO certification and CMMI framework

Organizations are constantly facing challenges related to managing risk, offering quality products and services, as well as meeting regulatory/compliance requirements. Every industry, contract and company has different operating expectations and mandatory requirements.  At times, duplication of effort can occur as responsibilities are typically spread out among different departments. The primary objective is that your organization must deliver products and services on time and at a competitive price  that meet customer expectations, have low failure rates, and meet any regulatory, legal, or customer requirements.  Your role within the organization is to ensure that quality and regulatory compliance is a part of the organization’s constitution and not just a daily-performed activity. ISO standards and CMMI frameworks provide the baseline for integrating your processes, while managing your business risks and obligations.

In order for you to achieve your objectives, you need a set of tools that helps create harmony between commitments and regulations. ISO standards and CMMI frameworks provide you with a road map for breaking down barriers, communicating effectively and tracking performance outcomes. Applying simple techniques and communicating expectations, documenting methods and responsibilities, collecting records, and reviewing performance against requirements allows you to concentrate on improving quality and achieve optimal performance because you have a clearer picture of organizational strengths and weaknesses. Your ability to support the organization’s mission becomes easier, because you know issues of significance and areas causing them; you can now focus on identifying areas of interest before they become problems and/or preventing recurrence of common issues.  Without a standard method of operation, problems are likely to reoccur, possibly leaving your customers with a negative opinion of the services you have provided.

A decade ago, an upset customer might have turned into lost business, or a regulatory infraction might have gone unnoticed by your existing and potential customers. Now the landscape is different, with access to information readily available via social media and other web-based channels. Your customers can easily locate information about your past performance and the level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction that your customers have had with your services. Ultimately, one poor performance can tarnish the image and brand of your company, thus having a substantial impact on your company’s ability to generate new clients and retain existing ones. Your quality and regulatory role means that you do not have the luxury of unpleasant experience and must focus on preventive measures to ensure that customers are satisfied, while also paying close attention to any regulatory, legal, or contractual requirements. The use of ISO standards and CMMI frameworks help define expectations and provide valuable monitoring methods and tools, reducing the risk of negative exposure.

During the implementation of process improvement methodologies, typically the following results are achieved:

  1. Lower defect rates through consistent process focus;
  2. Greater ability to identify and resolve problems before impact to customer;
  3. Increased quality and regulatory awareness resulting in issues;
  4. Reduced recurrence of common problems as solutions are implemented; and
  5. Improved regulatory and contractual compliance.

Every company has processes in place to conduct business, but many companies still need to implement the right processes to achieve their organizational objectives. Contact ITG today to discuss the best approach for your business.

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